Nexio Projects and Quentic

Watch our partner video and find out how Nexio Projects and Quentic can simplify your sustainability journey.

About Nexio Projects 

Nexio Projects is a specialised sustainability consulting firm. As experts in sustainability, our team works with clients across all industries and regions to improve their sustainability ratings and performance. We empower organisations in their transition to a more prosperous future by simplifying and passionately facilitating sustainability. 

Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries
Founder / Managing Partner
Nexio Projects

Leon Laubscher
Manager Sustainability Technical Team Nexio Projects

Our complete offer

In the current global environment, businesses are evaluated by their sustainability progress as much as their financial progress. Nexio Projects accompanies these companies in their path towards better performance. Our services include technical and strategic solutions aimed towards putting you on the path towards becoming a sustainability leader. 

With the Quentic Sustainability module, you can easily evaluate the social, ecological and economic aspects of your company and thus create the basis for the communication with your stakeholders. By connecting everyone involved through a shared platform you enhance the collaboration and the exchange of information. Indicators from vastly different areas can be easily combined.

Watch the partner video and discover why Nexio’s sustainability expertise and Quentic's award-winning software platform are the perfect combination to help you achieve your sustainability goals. 

Software and Expertise to Simplify Sustainability.

The most important services at a glance

Nexio Projects & Quentic

Straightforward approach

Handling sustainability data is easy with the clear and structured interface.

Standardized KPIs

Define your own indicators, including the use of finished catalogs such as GRI. 

This is teamwork

Your reporting process will run smoothly - even with a large number of stakeholders. 

Improved data quality

Data is centrally collected, systematically stored and validated. Measure and demonstrate your company's sustainability performance. 

"With Nexio's expertise and Quentic's platform our clients are able to easily manage all their sustainability KPIs, making reporting and knowing which areas to focus on much easier."

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